Who Is Sir Jason Winters?

Few people have led lives so exciting and full of so many escapades that their biography could read like an adventure novel. Even fewer people can survive a deadly form of cancer, then develop a bestselling product that receives attention from those in top government positions.

JasonSir Jason Winters has done all that, and more! He’s one of those rare types of person who was raised with almost nothing and turned his life into one that books are written about. Sir Jason Winters wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he didn’t even ride in his first car until the age of 17. And when he finally moved to Canada to carve out a better life for himself, he worked at a farm in Saskatchewan, then eventually moved on to become a lumberjack.

Jason Winters starts a life of adventure
But working in these labor intensive jobs still didn’t satisfy Mr. Winter’s thirst for adventure, so he crossed the Canadian Rockies by hot air balloon. Still not satisfied, he traveled by canoe down the McKenzie River for 2,000 miles and crossed the Sahara desert by camel. He then took on his biggest challenge: cross the Atlantic by hot air balloon. Mr. Winter’s attempt failed, but he managed to survive because he had the foresight to replace the hot air balloon basket with a small boat. This allowed him to survive the cold Atlantic for several days before being rescued.

After putting his life at risk numerous times during his adventures, it wasn’t until 1977 when Sir Jason Winters truly came face-to-face with death after a large tumor formed on his neck. The cancer was aggressive and resisted every form of treatment thrown at it.

The discovery of miracle herbs
Told he would soon be dead, Jason didn’t give up. Instead, he dug his heals in and prepared for the fight of his life. He researched traditional remedies from around the world until he found three special herbs that were known to successfully combat cancer. The result? Jason’s cancer went into remission.

Not one to slow down, Jason went into overdrive by writing numerous books and has speaking engagements around the world. Even more amazing, everyone from presidents to prime ministers and congressmen have sought Jason out for his advice. He has since won several awards for his work in the health field.

Since then, he has made his herbal formulas public, giving cancer patients the gift of a second chance at life. You can learn more about Sir Jason Winters life enhancing products on our website, and order them directly from our store.



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