Trying Sir Jason Winters Teas for the First Time

While we are more than a little partial to the goodness of our Sir Jason Winters Teas, we realize that not everyone has experienced it for themselves. Our founder, Sir Jason Winters, used the power of herbs to create our Original Blend and Classic Blend Teas. 

If you have never tried Sir Jason Winters’ teas, here is a rundown on each, along with information and tips about how to get the most out of your cup of Sir Jason Winters tea!

Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Sage – This tea was formulated by Sir Jason himself with the powerful all-natural ingredients of Red Clover, Indian Sage and our exclusive Herbalene Blend. 

Each herb interacts and supports the other to create a delicious tasting cup of tea. If you are a true tea connoisseur and prefer loose tea, this blend it available in a 5 oz container. We’re sure that once you try it, you will love it! 

To brew the loose version of this tea, use two teaspoons of the tea to one pint of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes, then sweeten to taste. You can drink a cup before and during each meal. 

If you’re in a hurry, but really love the unequaled quality of loose tea, we also offer our Sir Jason Winters Pre-Brewed Tea Original. Just steep it for one to two minutes and enjoy!

For those tea lovers who like the convenience of having a pre-bagged tea, we are proud to offer our Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Sage in a box of 20 pre-packaged tea bags. Each tea bag makes up to three cups of tea. 

A good serving suggestion of Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Chaparral to drink each day would be two or three cups. This tea is excellent each morning before breakfast or in the late morning before lunch or before bed are ideal times to enjoy this classic tea blend.

Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Chapparal – Sir Jason Winters learned from Native Americans about the chaparral plant. Indigenous Peoples of the desert in the Southwest had used what they believed were healing properties of chaparral (Larrea tridentata) for millennia for many conditions, as well as to potentially ward off or recover from colds and flu.

On its own, this herb can be bitter. However, Sir Jason formulated this tea to taste great and take full advantage of the wonderful properties of chaparral and still deliver all the delicious taste of our tea. Like our Classic Tea with Sage, Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Chaparral is available as a loose tea in a 5 oz canister. 

To make this delicious tea in its loose-leaf form, use two teaspoons of the tea to one pint of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes. Sweeten to taste if you wish with stevia, raw honey, or your favorite natural sweetener. This loose tea makes a delicious sun tea during the summer months, too! 

This tea is also available in tea-bag form in a box of 20 to go with you anywhere and enjoy. The tea bag only needs 1 -2 minutes of steeping time in an 8-ounce cup of boiling water. Each tea bag can yield up to three cups of tea. 

Sir Jason Winters Green Herbal Tea

Because the potential health benefits of green tea are well known around the world, the market can seem flooded with different brands of green tea. Sir Jason Winters himself wanted to ensure only the finest bend of Chao Phraya Tea was used for his products. 

Our Green Herbal Tea, or G.H.T., is available in a box of 20 convenient tea bags or as a Pre-Brewed Asian Green Tea in a 4-ounce canister. Both forms of this tea give you the highest tea quality available and a quick steeping time, so you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy our tea.

Sir Jason Winters Flavored Teas

If you love the sweet taste of fruit in your tea, Sir Jason Winters offers teas with natural Raspberry and Peach flavors. With our 4-ounce canister of Pre-Brewed Raspberry Tea, you get all the benefits of our Classic Herbal tea with the delicious goodness of Raspberry. Or if you love the portability of tea bags, we also carry Raspberry Flavored Tea Bags or our Raspberry Flavored Tea with Stevia in 30 count tea-bag boxes.

If the sunny warm taste of peach is more to your liking, we have just what you’re looking for in our Pre-Brewed Peach Tea in a loose form inside of a 4-ounce canister. Being pre-brewed, this tea also only takes a minute or two to steep. Then sit back, relax and enjoy. 

As with our Raspberry flavored tea, our peach tea is also available in 30-count boxes of either Peach Flavored Tea Bags or Peach Flavored Tea Bags with Stevia. All three of our flavored teas feature Sir Red Clover, Indian Sage, Oolong Tea, and our special spice, Herbalene®.

Still unsure which Sir Jason Winters Tea in bag form to try first? We’ve got the perfect solution for that! With our 4-Tea Variety Pack, you can choose any combination of our Green, Raspberry, Raspberry Tea with Stevia, Peach, or Peach Tea with Stevia. You get four boxes of tea – that’s 120 tea bags at a great price. 

For millennia, human beings have used the power of herbs in an attempt to maintain and improve good health. We are sure that once you try our Sir Jason Winters teas, you will be impressed with the freshness, quality, and great taste of our tea. See how you feel once you make our teas a habit in your daily routine. 

Disclaimer: Please note that all information presented in this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or to replace the advice of a physician. Before altering your diet or consuming any dietary supplement, consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional. 

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