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There is no proven cure for cancer recognized by the FDA or Western Medicine. Studies suggest that the herbs in Jason Winters Tea have blood purifying and immune system strengthening effects.

Please seek the advice of a qualified professional for all health concerns

Jason Winters Classic Blend Tea

“Product Comments = We have been using these suppliments for about 10 years now. One of the comments I have from my family Doctor is how young my body is to her. My last visit she asked me to cut out sodium because she though my Blood pressure was a bit high for a man my age. I asked her how old she thought I was because she had not looked at my chart yet. She said late 40’s then she looked at my D.O.B. 1947 and replied keep up what your doing your BP is Fine. This program will be with me for the rest of my life. Thanks Raymond for keeping your Dad’s legacy alive.”

Site Comments: Website is very well done.

Wayne and Connie MorrisFort St John BC
Date: 1/2/2015

“I have been suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I have been struggling to find non-drug remedies for these problems. For a long time I have known and tried ESSIAC tea but only thought that helped with cancer.

Well, I decided to give your tea a try and found almost immediate improvement in my blood sugar levels and stability.

I have yet to see my High Blood Pressure numbers come down but I have felt noticeably better since starting your tea. It also makes a great compost once done!

Thank you for this powerful health tonic at an affordable price.”

Sanford StaabKooskia, ID
Date: 5/18/2014

“Product Comments: Just wanted to tell you again how much I love your products. Since I started drinking Sir Jason Winters teas almost a year ago, I haven’t had a cold or flu! If I know someone isn’t well, I give them some tea for them to try!”

Lisa SteinToronto, Ontario Canada
Date: 9/23/2013

“Product: Tea Bags

Over a year ago while doing a MRI on my spine, a “spot” was seen on my left Kidney. Ultrasounds were done periodically over the next few months, and each time it had grown. A friend in So Cal had used your Original Blend herbal tea with success and recommended it’s use. I did so and my last 6 month U/s shows no growth. I am elated. Praise the Lord.”

Chuck MerrillTwin Falls,Idaho
Date: 4/1/2012

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Thank you for the opportunity to try your product! It was truly amazing and unbelievable! First is God and prayers, second is your tea and third, is the oncologist of my husband. My husband was diagnosed pancreatic cancer stage 4 metastesis to the liver. He was given 3-6 month to live without chemo and 18 months with chemo. They said there is no cure. We did not give up. A friend recommended Sir Jason Winter Tea, a killing cancer tea. I went to your web site read the testimonies and ordered . I started giving my husband according to the instruction. After 2 months of drinking the tea and at the same time having chemo treatments, the doctor checked the blood celss of husband and he was surprised that his blood is clear amd no more cancer cells and the doctor told me that he dont understand why the cancer is gone. They still continue to finished the 6 months chemo treatment. After the treatment, they did MRI, CT Scan and PET scan, the doctor said he is cancer free and he is cured. Its unbelivable even the doctor do not understand and he believed that its not the chemo healed him …he said its a miracle and i did
a good job.I beleive that Sir Jason Winter Tea is one reason why my husband was cured.
Thank you ver much!”

Lany MokGaithersburg, Maryland
Date: 3/7/2012

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for sending out the tea. It’s for a friend who’s battling breast cancer.

“I tell everyone I can about your tea because I believe it really does save lives. I know it doesn’t work for everyone. Not sure if I ever told you or not; my brother
and his wife had a friend 6-7 years ago who had an inoperable brain tumor, went to all the best doctors and hospitals in New England, went through chemo etc and finally was told there was no hope left that she needed to get her house in order because she had less than a year to live. She was early forties, married with two kids. My brother and sister in-law sent her six months supply of your tea and after drinking it for a few months was feeling better, went back to her doctors and had another scan and tumor had shrunk to half it’s size. They couldn’t believe it, some months later back again and completely gone. She’s fine today from what I understand. It’s good work you’re doing!!!

I would love to have a conversation some day on the phone and share my story with you about Ruth Montgomery and how we first heard of your dad and the tea in one of Ruth’s books. It’s a bit unbelievable, but truth is often stranger than fiction. I think we’re supposed to work together some where down the road in the not too distant future for the greater good of the world. More on that another time.

Thanks for continuing to move your Dad’s amazing contribution to the world forward! It looks like you are taking it many steps further, so congratulation on your success!”


Paul Macomber

Paul MacomberDate: 10/26/2011

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“I first learned about this tea in 2009, when a family member from Arizona, told me about 2 friends that had cancer had used the classic blend and their cancer when away. I looked for the tea in L.A. but was unable to find it and finally when online. In my first week of drinking the tea, my sinuses flushed out and lost 4 lbs. just from the mucus I was carrying in my head. I had a few stomach problems from that flushing but that went away in 4 days. I’ve had sinus problems since I was 18 and I am now 61. I wake up everyday feeling wonderful. I gave the tea to my mother who had calcium deposits on her bones from taking calcium for years
with taking vitamin D. In 2 months time she had lost 21 lbs because the tea flushed the deposits from her body. Than I told 2 of my cousins about the tea. Both needed a cane to walk and were and extensive health problems. 1 month later I saw them walking without aid and looking very healthy. One of them told me when she went to the doctor, he was amazed at her condition. On Mother’s day, I talked to a friend in Virginia who has prostate cancer and his wife
has breast cancer. I told him about the tea and he ordered while we were on the phone. I talked to him again yesterday as he is getting ready to take some sort of herbal chomo treatment. He went to get his PSA levels checked before starting the treatment. 3 months ago his level was 5.8. His PSA levels are now 3.4. Normal levels for someone his age is 4.0. His wife is taking radiation treatments and before the tea she was weak after each treatment and had to rest for 2 – 3 hours. Since the tea she has a lot more energy. This tea is truly a blessing.”

Cheryl TerryLos Angeles
Date: 7/11/2011

“Product Comments: I’ve been drinking the tea and taking tribalene for less than a week and I’ve already had a significant increase in energy. I had surgery in Feb. for ovarian cancer and have opted NOT to do chemo. Drinking the tea is just one of many modalities I have incorporated into my life and I’m feeling wonderful.”

Date: Friday, April 24, 2009 5:34 PM

“Product Comments: My aunt was diagnosed with bone cancer 15 years ago, & given 6 months to live. She was diagnosed at Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston. It had spread to hips & legs. She came home & started drinking 1 quart of your tea every day. . Sixty days later when she went for a chec-up, there was no sign of cancer. The dr told her that whatever she had been doing, to keep it up. She never had any sign of cancer again. I know it isn’t a medicinal cure, but it DID work for her. My mother now has pancreatic cancer, & I ordered it for her.I need it ASAP. I hope it helps her, even if it just extends her life as much as possible. thank you so much, Linda Doyle.”

Linda DoyleLakeland, TN
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 3:39 AM

“Product Comments = I am a paraplegic and have been confined to a wheelchair for 30 years. Due to a spinal cord injury, from a near fatal car accident, when I was 17. I have had cronic bladder infections for the last 8 years or so. Since I’ve started drinking the Jason Winter’s CLASSIC BLEND HERBAL TEA, I no longer get the infections. I also have recently developed a condition called Autonomic Dysreflexia, which is common for spinal cord injuries. The symptoms for this conditions are horrible. Headaches, dizziness, profuse sweating, trouble breathing, feeling of blacking out, high blood pressure, tightness in chest, flutters in your heart, or chest. You literaly feel like your going to die. When I get these symptoms I drink the tea and I feel so much better, all the symptoms go away. I can’t thank you enough for this tea!! It is truely a God Send!”

Susan PollardIdaho
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 4:18 PM


Date: Monday, December 29, 2008, 2:24 PM

“Product Comments: I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat 17 years ago at age 39. I was NOT a smoker and had not had a drink of alcohol for
about 13 years at the time. Needless to say, it was a shocking and devastating diagnosis. A few days later, I found myself in the health food store, and a book fell off the shelf on my foot. It was Jason Winters’ Killing Cancer. As they say, the rest is history. I am still alive, mainly due to Jason Winters Tea (the only one available at the time) and the great inspiration and guidance from Sir Jason Winters himself. I would not be alive and writing this message if it were not for you! Thank you and God Bless You.”

Ramona Ellen KingKansas City, Missouri
Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 8:04 PM

Hello Sir Raymond,
“My name is Laura Lux. I have just learned (regretfully) of the passing of Sir Jason Winters, through reading my first issue of the newsletter, and referring to the website.

I wish to let you know that 30 years ago I owned a health food store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was then that I read Sir Jason’s first book, and I promptly ordered the tea. At the time I think the tea came from Bermuda (?). My 10-year-old son had large swollen lymph glands in his neck, and his doctor was very concerned. I immediately started my son on 1 cup of the tea taken 4 times a day. He was a very cooperative little boy and drank every drop. Needless to say, in about a month’s time, he no longer had the swellings, and the doctor was very impressed with the way the tea worked. The condition never returned.

Over the years I recommended, and ordered the tea for many customers, and for family members. I too, have used it for cleansing, and for immune strengthening with very good results. When I drink a cup of the classic tea I get an immediate feeling of well-being. My body seems to be saying “thank you”!

Bless you for carrying on your father’s wonderful work. I feel sure he is smiling now because of your following in his footsteps. He is surely reaping many rewards now on the other side of the veil!”

Laura LuxFriday, May 2, 2008 7:19 AM


“Thanks for the latest information, I appreciate it. I’ve been a user of your products since 1991 when I was diagnosed with multiple mayoma in my uterus. I don’t like surgery so a friend of mine introduced me to Jason Winters Tea and Tribalene and thanks be to God my mayoma was gone! This happened in the Philippines and I still use many of you products today like the Colon Cleanser, Cream of Cathay, Tea Tree Oil & Tribalene – all these products have the best results based on my own experience and I’m so thankful to Sir Jason for the wonderful natural formulas that he discovered. It’s truly a blessing and God bless you always for sharing it with humanity.”


Nieves, Chan

Date: Wed, 5 Sep 10:15:48 -0700 (PDT)

“Product Comments = I first was introduced to Sir Jason Winters tea when I was pregnant and fighting nausea. The tea has been the only product that has ever worked for combating nausea for me. Over the years I have turned to Sir Jason Winters tea time and again whenever I feel I am starting to get sick. We have introduced many friends to Sir Jason Winters tea. One friend has prostate cancer and is using only your tea and pomegranite juice to control it successfully. I just realized last night that I was using the last of my tea and there was your newsletter this morning, which reminded me to order more. I see that you are offering a vitamin/mineral product at exceptional value, thanks for that too. Can’t wait to try it!

Also, your email about Sir Jason Winters passing was so touching. I have shared parts of it with people I know, even if they never heard of Sir Jason Winters. Thank you for continuing the work of your father.

The website is very easy to navigate and ordering product is a breeze.”

Patricia G. ConleyAtlanta
Thursday, May 3, 8:05 AM

“Product Comments = Roughly twenty years ago, I was very ill, and doctors gave up on me. I found out about Mr. Winters and his tea through a book I had read where the author interviewed him. I tracked down a woman who used to live at the address mentioned in the book, and then after some effort, located his original tea. I bought it, and I must say, enjoyed splendid results. His orginal tea is largely responsible for the reason I am still alive now. I am sorry yo hear of his passing, but am confident his son Raymond will carry on in his stead to help people.”

Karen CarpenterPortland, Oregon
Friday, April 13, 12:32 PM

“Product Comments = My Doctor insisted I try your product as I have multiple medical problems. I find it helps, and now my mother is also drinking the tea.”

Marilyn Del ReDesert Hot Springs, Ca.
Feb 01 / 11:43:13

“Product Comments = My 46 year old brother whom I love so dearly was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was immediately started on treatments. Our family was devistated and I immediately searched every web site available reading up on everything related to this cancer. A year before I had remembered hearing your story on the radio so I looked it up and was encouraged. I ordered 2 of your products and had them mailed to my brother’s residence. Also, due to his immune system being low he developed a severe case of cellulitis and was hospitalized. He was very skeptical and would not try your product but I was persistent and encouraged him it couldn’t hurt to try your product. He drank the tea faithfully. His energy level was more back to normal and his spirits remained good. He is now in full remission and doing so very well.
Also…One of my close friends was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. Per her doctor she would go through intense chemo and radiation treatments, have surgery and would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. Her diagnosis was not good. So I had to tell her about your products in which she ordered. She took your products faithfully. The doctors told her after her surgery she would be in the Intensive Care Unit for at least 2-3 days. But 1 hour after her surgery she was in a regular private room with lots of visitors and was released in only 3 days. She also does not have to wear a colostomy bag. I have faith in 3 things..
First – GOD
Second – Jason Winters products
Third – Good doctors.
Angel Hughes – Ocala, FL

Angel HughesOcala, FL

“Product Comments = I have been using your tea for years and have recommended it to many people. I was not aware of this website until today and am thrilled that there are many products I have not tried. I mailed your book “Killing Cancer”, which I have had for at least 10 years,to a family member with cancer and can now direct him to this site. I know that your tea is a powerful healing agent and I am sure your other products are equally fantastic. Thank you for educating people on natural healing and alternative therapies and for making these products available.”

Nancy WallaceCovington, GA

“Product Comments = My mother has been drinking the classic blend consistently when she is off her chemo therapy and the tea continues to help her fight her cancer. She stronger stronger than ever before, she is full of energy and most of all when she drinks the team she sleeps her best! When first diagnosed last March she considered in serious condition and now her doctors say she is improved. She continues to fight her cancer and I know that her drinking the classic blend, tribalene, and most of liquid clorophyl she is in this improved condition becuase of the Jason Winters products. These products have given the motivation she needed to continue her fight against colon cancer. best regards, her daughter Millie”

Site Comments = The website is user friendly. Purchasing is a breeze.

Cecilia AsencioNutley New Jersey

“Product Comments = This Tea is not only delicious, but has helped me enormously with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have an extremely high serum count for RA and
the only thing that gives me any relief is the Jason Winters Tea with Chaparral. Thank you Sir Jason !!!

Site Comments = I often visit the Jason Winters website to find out about the latest products and news on this website. It keeps me informed as to what others are doing with the teas and is a good source of information.”

Jan 03 / 18:15:32

“Product Comments = Thank you and bless you for discovering this blend and making it available to others. Three people in my life — my mother, my friend’s mother and the 4-year-old son of a friend — all diagnosed with terminal cancer — are all vibrantly healthy and symptom-free after many, many months, and they all started out (after beginning the tea and better diet) with beautiful bloodwork that shocked their doctors. Everyone to whom I have given JW Tea has reported dramatic benefits. It has become a staple for many in my circle. I look forward to the day when JW Tea replaces sugar, white flour and altered oils on everyone’s shopping list.”

sandra mcconvilleboyers, PA, U.S.A
Sep 02 / 00:30:35

“Product Comments = I’ve known about your classic blend since 1982. My mom owned a veggie restaurant which served fresh juices etc. One customer had
mentioned she was in remission for 8 years, and drank Jason Winters tea. I now drink it for uterine fibroid tumors and this is the first month I have not had pain at menstruation time. I don’t have to call in sick to work anymore. “

Site Comments = I am new to computers and had no problem finding everything I needed to know.

Nina Markert Menifee, california
Aug 20 / 02:42:04

“Product Comments = My friend Jack shared a container of the Jason Winters Classic Blend Tea with me. I love the taste and it makes me feel energetic!! I look forward to sipping this wonderful and healing tea eachday. I want to share them with my family members and pass on good health and the healing benefits of this tea.”

Bev MutaHawaii
Aug 09 / 19:34:38

“Product Comments = I am in the military and the stress of trying to juggle career and family through these very trying times was to the point of overwhelming me. I had tried everthing from Yoga to vitamins but still found that my energy level both physically and mentally was waning. I was told by a friend of how she had been using Sir Jason Winters teas and how they helped not only to find her lost energy but also gave her a renewed spirit altogether. I admit that I was more than a little skeptical about how tea could help me to solve my problems, but I knew that I had to try it myself. I started with the Classic Blend combination and in only a few days I felt so much better, almost as if I had been given a second wind. I then went on to buy the Asian Green Tea and now feel as my energy level has never been higher and I feel as if I have a new outlook and lease on life. I am a true believer in SJW’s teas and just how much they can help give you control back over your life and make you feel as if tomorrow will be even better than today.

Site Comments = I love the way everything is so well organized. It only takes seconds to find what I am looking for and I especially appreciate the way the benefits of each tea is given for those of us who are looking for just the right tea.”

Laura EmersonBiloxi MS
Jul 30 / 06:18:38

“Product Comments = This tea is a Godsend. I have never felt better in my life. Thank you!”

Julie DiGiulioRichmond, CA
Jun 04 / 11:44:59

“Product Comments = I’ve been drinking this tea for the last two years now and I noticed two major changes in my body. The first thing is that I’ve got rid of insomnia and sleep like a baby. The second thing is that I no longer pass annoying and irritating gases any more. I really had this gas problem ever since I’ve turned 45, but Jason tea somehow took care of that problem. I take my tea bags everytime I travel. Thank you. From the far away place, Seoul Korea.”

Catherine KimSeoul, Korea
Apr 17 / 18:05

“Product Comments = I have used JW Classic blend tea fora few months, and find that I have less tiring after house working.

Site Comments = Intensive knowledge about products and beautiful website.”

Chanya DhirasakdanonTempe, AZ 85281
Mar 28 / 13:35:25

“Product Comments = My 75 year old grandfather has been a sufferer of sun spots (cancerous), for at least the last 20 years. There was much concern in the last couple of years over a large melanoma on his nose, which could only be treated by partial removal of the nose, causing major damage to the face.After not seeing him for 6 months or so, I arrived at Christmas lunch last year to see a more youthful, energetic and all-round healthy guy, who displayed to me (what I thought) was an expensive reconstructive plastic surgery job on his face after the removal of “half a nose”. He then proceeded to preach the amazing healing properties of Sir Jason Winter’s Tea, not only in the complete restoration of his nose, but also his forearms, previously scarred with sunspots from a youth spent at Bondi Beach unprotected had cleared up as well. His asthma medication hadn’t been used for a few months, and various other antibiotics would stay on the shelf indefinitely thanks to a super-boosted immune system.”

Brendan DalySydney Australia
Mar 12 / 01:02:30

“Product_Comments = I have been using this tea for nearly 6 years and I haven’t been sick with a cold or a flu during this time. I bought it initially for a friend sick with cancer… and now I feel so good that I won’t stop using it myself. Many thanks for making it available even in Europe!!!”

Jennifer HantsonFrance
Mar 02 / 10:37:50

“Product Comments = I’m so glad a friend introduced me to this tea. I originally bought it for my brother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He somewhat of synic so he wasn’t real receptive to the tea at first…until after drinking the tea for a month & had to go for blood work & his Dr. couldn’t believe the change in his blood. While on chemo, he was losing weight at first….& in the last month gained 7lbs. The tumor hasn’t spread or gotten any larger. My brother was so convinced it was the tea that when he ran out of it he started to panic. I love the tea & I had plenty to bring to him. Thank you so much……Nancy

Site Comments = I love this web site! Very easy to get to what you want & need fast.I also love reading the testimonials. I’m totally sold on this tea & I tell everyone
about it. It gives me so much more energy than I used to have! Thanks…Nancy”

Nancy SanAngeloOakville, Ct. 06779

“Product Comments = There is no other tea in the whole world that is better than jason winters tea. It help me with my stomach pains, that no medication can. thank you jason winters!”

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 22:58

“Product Comments = I’v been using your tea for 7 years now and love the taste. There are many choices on the market for herbal teas and I’m delighted to be hooked on the taste that also heals! Thanks and Warm Regards, Wendy”

Wendy HurlbertHartford, CT
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 13:52

“Product Comments = We drink it every evening! I usually have another cup durring the day. It really makes me feel better! THANX!!

Site Comments = Your Website is beautiful and easy to follow. I hate illogical sites. Yours is perfect.”

Kristen E.Tarentum, PA
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 20:27

“Product Comments = Your tea is just great! we have been using it with satisfaction for about 15 years

Site Comments = Your website is very convenient to use”

Bert D.Rockwall, Tx 75032
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 09:47

“Product Comments = I just tried your tea as my friend’s suggestion. I felt my conditions are getting better day by day. I hope to continue to have your products ad more.

Site Comments = I enjoyed your Web ste well. I could easily understood your ideas and vision. I am very interested in your products.”

Hiroshi SaitoJapan
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 00:37

“Product Comments = i love the classic blend herbal tea..gives me alot of energy and i feel great..always used to feel so unenergetitic…great blood purifier!! thanks sooo much jason for the jasons winters tea..great tea!!..jan t.

Site Comments = love your site..great testimonials!!”

jan t.victoria, bc
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 16:18

“Product Comments = I had been feeling sluggish and not well, but after taking the Classis Blend Tea, I feel like a new person. I can’t believe how well I feel. You’re a god send!! I had first read about you in Threshold to Tomorrow and feel I read that book for a reason. That I would read about you and get well.

Site Comments = Love your website”

Vickie I.Wantage, NJ
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 15:01

“Product = The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea Product_Comments = Seems to really help with digestion (I have GERD) as well as my varicose veins and liver enzime levels.”

Gene LPortland, ME
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 14:23

“Product Comments = I was diagnosed recently with some blood disorder that resulted in terrilbe itching for months that drugs failed to cure. I had two cans of Jason Winters Tea sitting for about a year without using it. I was told my a friend to try it. Within a few days the itching slowed and after week all itching stopped without the use of drugs. From that day forward I started drinking the tea daily. I am now re-ordering as I used up my supply of tea once I found out its blood purifing properties and overall wellness. Unbelievable curing properties and pleasant taste. I suffered needlessly. I had the cure all along. I just had to use it. Thanks for bringing this product to the market.

Site Comments = Very easy to navigate and a lot of product info.”

Vincent S.US Virgin Island
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 00:38:26

“Product Comments = Seems to have made a significant improvement to my current health problem.”

David S FallasSt Kilda, SA, 5110, Australia
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 00:14:19

“Product Comments = I started buying your tea when my compagnon was diagnosed with chronic leukemia 5 years ago… We both love it and I am thankful that he is still alive.”

Jennifer H.France
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 06:10:31

“Product Comments = I heard about the tea from one of my friends. Now I realize why she recommended it. I am going to recommend it to my parents!

Site Comments = Very nice web site. Easy to find information.”

Eunsoo S.West Windsor, New Jersey
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 01

“Product Comments = Have been drinking the classic blend mainly for health reasons. A very pleasant tea.

Site Comments = An easy website to work get around.”

Marijka O KAustralia
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 04:38:19

“Product Comments = i really enjoy your classic blend tea it is very tasty and relaxing.

Site Comments = your web site is eay to move thru and i am able to understand it.”

kandance poregon,usa
Date/Time of Posting: Jul 02 / 06:38:50

“Product Comments = I use to be an herbalist and one day the bell on the shop door rang to tell me someone needed help. This lady had Lupus. Her hair was falling out, she could not walk easily and she was ready to throw all of her medication away. I said don’t throw your meds away yet. Obviously this lady was very depressed. So I had my trusty herbal bible at the time as I had never had any experience with Lupus. The herbal book was not giving me anything that would help. So I sold her some herbal vitamin supplements and the Jason Winters tea. The lady came back Iswear 2 months later hair was returning her skin was aglow with health and she was alking with a new skip in her step. She hugged me said thank you. But I was not responsible for her healing. Jason Winters Tea was. Now for another turn of events I now have Lupus myself and I have just bought a supply of the teas. Thank you Jason Winters”

Tonya MerrickNashville
Date/Time of Posting: Jun 20 / 17:43:56

“Product Comments = I have done a testimonial in the past in regards to the JW 5 oz. tea. I wanted to update the information. About 12 years ago, after over 17 years of illness, I was diagnosed with Bechet’s Disease; with very severe and painful inflammation in different areas of the body. Especially serious was the retinitis and chronic iritis in the right eye sever inflammation which is blinding). It has been two years on JW tea, and I must say that for the first time in over 30 years, I am totally free of symtoms of Bechet’s. Please publish this testimonial on your web for humane reasons; for the sake of anyone with this disorder. I can’t thank Sir Jason Winters enough for what his tea has done for me!

Site Comments = Your web is beautiful and well organized.”

Leo J.Miami, Florida
Date/Time of Posting: Jun 02 / 19:35:40

“Product Comments = My mother has high blood pressure and some problem with her heart. Last mont,My mother called me from Bangkok, Thailand. She told me about Sir Jason Winter’s tea which is one of our cousin took this tea and gave my mom to take it too. My mother told me your tea is so good for her health. She feels like she has more energy. Thank you for make my mother feel good for her health.”

Pornsirin ButrahongseMililani, Hawaii
Date/Time of Posting: May 30 / 18:06:49

“Product Comments = After drinking classic blend for 5 months I went to the dentist for the first time in a 18 months and he was astounded at how much better my gums looked. They were bleeding a lot less and the depth of the pockets had reduced from a “6” to a “3”. After thinking about it I realized it must be the tea. Also seems to help with my Reflux Disorder if I drink a cup before I go to bed.”

Gene LSouth Portland, ME
Date/Time of Posting: May 28 / 07:29:36

“Product Comments = About a year ago my wife suggested that we start drinking JW Classic Blend tea for its detoxifying properties. I have worked with heavy metals for most of my adult life and she is concerned. Of course I had to say “yes, honey!” Well, I have to admit that I truely enjoy making myself and my beautiful wife a cup of your superb tea every evening! It has become a wonderful little ritual that we both enjoy tremendously! Thank you for so much more than just an excellent tea! Definately a cool site!”

David E.Fawn Township, Pennsylvania
Date/Time of Posting: May 25 / 06:45:09

“Product Comments = I started drinking Jason Winter Tea about 20 years ago. My daughter was a teenager at that time. She was very modest and very overweight and never wore shorts or swimsuit.We drank the tea for several months, then stopped due to lack of money. Quite sometime passed, and my health was not good, I
determined to somehow get the money to purchase some more tea. When I mentioned this to my daughter, she told me she definitely needed more tea. She then went on to tell me a story that blew mymind. She said that when we first started drinking the tea, she had brown spots all over her legs. They were like moles. They started
getting bigger and darker. Because this happened gradually, and being embarrassed about her weight she never mentioned this to me. After drinking the tea they all went away. She told me they were starting to come back and she wanted more tea. In the meantime, over the years she had gone to college and lost 100lbs. We got the tea and the spots went away.

That was years ago, but we still drink the tea. Right now I am having health problems,(I haven’t had the tea for sometime) I drank the tea and everything started to clear up so I became lax and got busy and stopped drinking the tea. “Tomorrow” always tomorrow. The symptoms are coming back and and now I have to pay attention and schedule my tea, no matter how busy I am. It very definitely makes a difference in my life.”

Audrey BVT
Date/Time of Posting: May 13 / 07:27:30

“Product Comments = I have been drinking the tea for over 6 months and i had my yearly doctors physical exam …I am 52 years old and the doctor said what ever i am doing keep it up because he has never seen my blood tests come back so great. His words to me were they are just excellent. I told him i was drinking the tea and he said keep it up.”

Barbara O.Blythewood, S.C
Date/Time of Posting: May 08 / 18:35:08

“Product Comments = I absolutely love your tea. I drink 2-4 cups every day and I find I am sleeping much better at night. I just had a colonoscopy and had no polyps. I also find that I don’t get any colds in the winters either. Thanks for a great product.”

Patti B.Syracuse, NY
Date/Time of Posting: May 02 / 18:49:42

“Product Comments = I have been plagued with seasonal allergies for years, and living in Arizona with two blooming seasons, it usually turns into a severe upper respiratory infection. This is the first year I’ve used the SJW Tea. I drink 4 cups of tea a day and the allergies have disappeared. I no longer have to be prescribed medication for the allergies and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you, SJW!”

Hedy K.Mesa, Arizona
Date/Time of Posting: May 01 / 15:30:39

“Product Comments = I have bought your tea for years, as I truly believe in it’s purifying properties. I’m familiar with Jason’s whole story and will continue to enjoy his products.

Site Comments = I find this site to be very user friendly. Thankyou”

Linda WCommerce Mi
Date/Time of Posting: Apr 30 / 16:27:28

“Product Comments = I’ve been familar with Sir Jason Winters for many years. From the early 80s. I have taken the tea over the years and love it. It’s a great way to cleanse the blood.”

Dondie N.Texas
Date/Time of Posting: Apr 29 / 08:43:00

“I have tried so many different products out there. When my friend let me tried your classic blend tea i was convinced ‘this is it, this is the one that will help me’. And it did so now i am ordering myself directly from you. Thanks for offering your wonderful products to the public. Helene

Site comments = your website is really nice, easy to follow the steps. The best of it all are your service minded and nice people. When e mailing customer service i get a reply back within 1 hour or less. Great!!”

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 23 / 18:38:34

“Product Comments = I had broken out in a rash,after speaking to my neiighbor she said for me to try your tea bleend. After 3 days my rash had disappeared. Also after going to 3 different doctors they had no idea what it was. Also my husband has heptits c, after reading about this blended tea he also will try the tea.”

nancy eganflorida
Date/Time of Posting: Apr 23 / 13:18:18

“Product Comments = I make the Classic tea my morning drink. I have found that my skin is much clearer than it used to be.”

Ken F.Pinon Hills, CA
Date/Time of Posting: Apr 23 / 12:52:23

“Hello, My name is Robin Stefko. I have been familiar with Jason Winters products for over 10 years. They are the BEST!! About 8 years ago my Father-in-law had a very aggressive brain tumor. It was removed once and grew back in 3 months, the doctors said he would not live more than 6 months. I had heard about the powerful ingredients in the JW tea including chaparral. I convinced my mother-in-law to have him drink as much as possible. He was on chemo and radiation, but even with that the doctors said he probably would not live past the six months. She gave him the tea on a regular basis for about a year. It is 8 years later and he is still alive with NO brain tumors. The cancer has stayed in remission all this time. I really believe it was the the tea that helped. I think it is a great testimony to the product. I don’t think a soul should be without them.”

Robin StefkoMarion, IL
Date: Fri, 3 Jan

“Have been drinking JW tea for a month now; seem to have more energy; I’m anticipating great long term results as far as blood purification and resulting lowering of enzyme levels in my liver. Web site is very easy to get around in by the way..”

Gene L South Portland, ME
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 09:14:42 -0500

“Sir Jason and all the players on your team. I Praise God for your commitment, steadfastness and honesty. I was diagnosed with colon cancer mets. to lungs This is my second order of tea. My family is in England and Scotland. Is it possible to order the tea with Chaparral in Gt. Britain? I have been a patient at Oasis of Hope in Mexico.
May each of you have a healthy and joyous 2003.”

Stella E.Owensboro, KY
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 18:11:47 EST

“Last summer my husband and I began drinking the Jason Winters original tea 3 x’s a day. My husband suffers from a dermatitis, and has very bad purplish areas on his skin that itches and causes him discomfort. I would not let him go into pools or jacuzzis with me for fear it would frighten others with the appearance of his skin. It is not contagious. After two months of drinking the tea, I could barely see where the skin was discolored. He stopped drinking the tea for a month and a half and the spots
have started to appear again, but not on the leg that was the worse part. We will never stop drinking this tea and I can see there was a direct link to this skin problem. By the way, he has had the condition ever since we married 15 years ago.”

Edrea JeffsDate: Wed, 18 Dec 17:31:55 -0600

“PRODUCT COMMENTS: I have been using the classic blend for awhile and have found it to have a excellant taste and completely refreshing along with being so good for the body. Thanks for a great product.!!!

SITE COMMENTS: Wondreful site. easy to use with loads of good information Keep up the great work.

David TongFremont, Ca.
Date: 05/12 21:50:19

“Product Comments: I love the tea plain, with a little Stevia sweetner is is heavenly.

Site Comments: Wonderful site, easy, with lots of good info.”

MaryBrush Prairie, WA
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 11:08:29 -0800 (PST)

“Product Comments: My 45 yr, old son was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. He has no insurance so we are using homeopathic methods by choice . He has been drinking the recomened amount of your tea every day along with more healthful fresh foods . The medical doctor wanted to cut open his jaw and take out the bone and radiate his face. This was not an option in our opinion. We feel with the prayers of many and the JWT and the will of God ,we can beat this .

Site Comments: I am very impressed with your website. I had no trouble getting from point A to Point B which really helps when you are in a hurry for information. Thank you so much for your great work .”

Fay PKingman ,Az.
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 07:36:47 -0800 (PST)

“Product Comments: I had hard time sleeping at night, but with this tea 30 minutes before sleep, I have no problem now. Thank you.”

Catherine K.Catherine K.
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 17:39:50 -0800 (PST)

“This tea works!! I haven’t had a bladder/kidney infection or for many years.”

Jessica MagoonAgoura, California
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 13:18:23 -0800 (PST)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I have been dealing with bladder cancer for the past 6 years and have had a total of 5 operations to remove tumours. The tumours have been smaller and improving since I started drinking Jason Winters Tea. I am confident that with continued regular use I will beat this illness without losing my bladder.”

Faye B.Canada
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 10:33:04 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I have taken this product for more than 20 years with no reoccurence of Colon Cancer”

Lawrence T.Weatogue, CT
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 09:27:02 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: when i first tried your classic blend i love the results. I use too feel sluggish/tired thru out the day but when i started your tea, it really gave me the energy that i needed and wanted. Sometimes I think that it was good for the brain, it keep me mentally calm, needless to say i didn’t feel as depressed as i usually would.
Thanks to you Sir Jason and my cousin who introduced me to your products.Thanks again. Darlene

Site Comments: I love viewing the web site. each time i go into my e-mail it just amazes me when i view his before and after pictures of his previous condition. . .”

Darlene SMt Vernon, NY
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 18:34:23 -0700 (PDT)

“Product Comments: Have tried Classic tea in the past, but am going back to it because of the way it makes me feel. Also on a preventative program now for tumor.

Site Comments: Website saves me from driving a long way to get product. No health food stores in my area, so I am glad to get items over internet.”

Jennie DTexas
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 10:02:45 -0700 (PDT)

“Product Comments: I suffer from seasonal allergies and rely on antihistamines to function on a daily basis. Since taking Jason Winters Herbal Tea blend, I have managed to completely eliminate the antihistamines and my allergies have cleared up considerably. The tea makes me feel great!”

Hedy K.Mesa, Arizona
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 13:49:03 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: This tea is fablous and I have recommended it to many people since I discovered it over a year ago.

Site Comments: Great Web site. Easy to find your way around.”

Caroline M.Ajijic, Mexico
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 05:03:53 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I live in the allergy capital of the country and suffer from the effects of allergies of all sorts. Since drinking the for a short time (2 months I think) I have not taken my allergy medication and have had almost no discomfort from allergies. We’ve had more rain this summer than I’ve experience in the 81/2 years I’ve
lived in Austin, Texas. When it rains the mold count becomes quite high and it has been high all summer due to the unusual rain we’ve had. High mold count such as we had in May and June causes me to wheeze and I have to sleep in a recliner because I can’t breathe. I have had no difficulty breathing at night whatsoever since taking the tea and the chlorophyll. In addition, my husband suffers from dermatitis, which is especially ugly on his legs. This condition is hardly noticeable now
except in one little section. It is amazing to us considering the short period we’ve been drinking the tea. He has tried ointments prescribed by the doctor to no avail. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Site Comments: Your web site is easy to navigate through and I feel confident is using it.”

Edrea J.Austin, Texas
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 16:03:22 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I am recovering from breast cancer and chemotheraphy. My blood counts were horrible until I started drinking Jason Winters Tea. My counts are back up where they were before my chemo treatments. thanks Jason!”

Joan S. P.Saint Petersburg, Florida
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 10:21:27 -0700 (PDT)

“Product Comments: Hi, 3 years ago. My niece had ovarian cancer which was very big and ugly and was removed by operation with right ovary. Just after operation I provided her with jw cliassic tea about 20 can. After operation, she was not given any radiation or chemoteraphy but now she has had any other sign of the cancer. That’s a kind of miracle, I think!!! Now she has a good time as a junior of college. What do you think that result come from?”

Younghwan K.Daegu,Korea
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 14:56:59 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: The tea is everything Mr. Winters says it is. It is a fantastic product everyone should know about!

Site Comments: You website is very straight forward and easy to navigate.”

joyce p.chicago
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 03:38:00 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I recently had symptoms that didn’t resond to any treatment. I remembered that I had a small amount of Jason Winter tea from several years ago. It made only two cups and I felt much better right away. I am ordering more today. This is a wonderful product, a great gift to all of us.”

Louise PColorado
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 08:47:15 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: My mom gave it to me when I had boil a boil that wouldn’t go away. Nothing else worked until I started the tea. Now I am going to see if it helps my son he is a wrestler who has gotten ringworm and can’t be come free of it we have tried prescription medications and some herbal stuff like garlic pills but it always comes back. So here we go!

Site Comments: Very nice web site.”

Nancy BBow, Washington
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 22:06:48 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I read about your story in Ruth Montgomery’s book and started using your products. I think i’ve been using them for about 20 years or more. I can always tell a difference when I drink the tea. At first I didn’t like the taste so I told myself to think of it as medicine that was good for me. Now I like it and try to drink it
regularly. Thanks.

Site Comments: I’m glad to have this service avaiable.”

Karen L.Greensburg, MD
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 11:58:12 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I have 3 friends with cancer. Latest one, I found out about 2 weeks ago, is the same as what Jason Winters had – tumour in carotid artery. She’s been told to get her financials in order, so she’s made her will. Yesterday, in a trip to a town I don’t normally go to, I saw JW’s book in health food shop and bought it for my friend. I started reading it, and looked up your site, and here I am. I am going to recommend your products to my friends and will take them myself. I’ll try ordering by fax or through a distributor of yours in NSW, Australia. I will try the classic blend myself as it has very good reviews and I am sure will benefit me.I want to try the Tribalene, Xian, liquid chlorophyll and red clover enzymes.”

margaret C.Brisbane, Australia
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 01:41:09 -0700 (PDT)

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: My cousin is a big fan of your product. She is also a doctor.”

May 31

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I am 66 and healthy, thanks to the Jason Winters Classic Blend tea, which I use daily, and other products. I have all of my children and some siblings using this also. Dottie

Site Comments: Your web site is great and educational and saves me from driving 40 miles to obtain your products.”

Dottie GAndrews TX
May 31

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: Since my wife and I started to drink the tea about two weeks ago,we have found a new life good for the digestive system and invigorating.No doubt,it will offer even more benefits in the days ahead.It is a great gift to the world!

Site Comments: Easy to locate and response time is fast.Highly informative too.”

May, 29

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I have started taking this for leukemia symptons. A niece introduced me to it, she is recovering from soft tissue cancer. Her DR. was amazed that her tumour had shrunk so much in 5 weeks! Highly recommend this tea!

Site Comments: Your web site is tastefully done and easy to navigate around

Julie R B.C.
May 26

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: My mother has a cancer/tumor on her liver. I seen a program on T.V. about Jason Winters and the tea. I purchased it for my mother, she has taken it for 6 days now. She had these ugly vericose veins (spiders) that she would not wear shorts (considered a $4,000 operation to correct the veins). Since the tea in only 6 days the viens are almost gone- her legs look young. She is so excited that if anything she’ll drink the tea for the veins alone! She has more energy, she says her nails look great! We’re excited!

Site Comments: Web site is easy & great!”

Name: Renee EAurora, Colorado
MAy 7

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: Great Tea! I was always run down until I started drinking this tea. The taste is great and I feel younger and vigorous. Thanks for this product.

Site Comments: Easily navigated and interesting to read about Jason Winters continued good health.”

Claude HargroveFayetteville
May 5

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: I bought your tea for my father when he had cancer and about 2 months of using the tea the doctor asked if he was taking medication other than what they were giving himas his tumor shrank and his liver cleared up. I have told everyone I meet about your product when I hear cancer is in their life.”

Ted GLoveland
Sunday, April 14, at 20:53:48

“Product Comments: I know one case when one lady with breast tumor has the tumor shrinking after regularly consuming two 5-oz cans together with macrobiotic diet treatment. Some other tried but did not get remarkable results. In my opinion, this product is certainly worth trying. If it suits your case, it will work remarkably.

Site Comments: Great website!”

Tini PJakarta
Tuesday, March 26, at 18:12:14

“Product Comments: Our family have been taken J.W. classic blend tea for about a year now, my father used to has permanent coughing but now they all gone. everyone in our family are healthy since then.

Site Comments: The new website looks more professional and the color looks clean. I like it.”

kitiyakorn a.Oakland,ca
Thursday, March 21, at 08:34:12

“Product Comments: a quart a day keeps the cancer away

Site Comments: wonderful, helpful”

adam scincinnati oh
Friday, March 15, at 14:08:43



Wednesday, March 13, at 07:49:27

“Product Comments: During Chemo treatment, I drank this like a fish. No nasea, little fatigue, felt much better than everyone else going through the same treatment at the time. I swear by it!”

Gail G.Kelowna, BC Canada
Thursday, March 7, at 15:26:51

“Product Comments: Read about your product in “A Cancer Battle Plan” by Anne Frahme. I’m hoping I have the same success fighting advanced ovarian cancer as she had with breast cancer.

Site Comments: Excellent web-site. Thank you!”

Lauree HSouth Lyon MI
Sunday, March 3, at 05:51:29

“Product Comments: Two family members have cancer and swear by your tea”

Andrea Dunnett308-1911 Victoria Pk Ave, Toronto,ON M1R1T7
Sunday, February 24, at 08:21:33

“Product Comments: Dear Jason Winters, We heard of your Classic Tea Blend after my wife had a mastecomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. She came down with chronic hives, one year later, as a result of the chemotherapy, and suffered with them for a year and a half before starting to drink the Classic Tea Blend. After 6 weeks the hives disappeared. This is proof of a strengthened immune system. Thank you for your work and for the products. God has used you to help many who are afflicted. May you continue to be used for many, many more years.”

Ralph PGlendale AZ
Wednesday, February 20, at 18:53:46

“Product Comments: I am so pleased with the tea blend that I have now gotten my husband, both of my parents, and my grown daughter drinking the tea now, too. They are all experiencing positive results from the tea; results like lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and weight reduction. I started drinking the tea to prevent return of skin cancer. So far, no more cancer! Thanks!!”

Diane SBigfoot, Texas
Monday, February 4, at 14:35:11

“Product Comments: I love the classic blend tea. I’ve been drinking it daily during my chemotherapy treatments and just got my pathology report back today saying that the margins are clean and show no cancer!”

Adrienne W.Lake Oswego,OR
Monday, February 4, at 16:32:52

“Product Comments: I love the taste of the tea and I know a lady that has added 17 years of health to her life. I also like the time release Vita C.

Site Comments: Great new site!”

Charlie COregon USA
Saturday, February 2, at 17:46:34

“Product Comments: We’ve been using the Classic Blend for over 10 years!”

Karen LWahiawa, HI
Wednesday, January 16, at 02:22:08

“Product Comments: Great tea for my digestive problems and skin breakouts!”

Julie BSartell, MN
Wednesday, January 9, at 22:21:15

“Product Comments: my husband has been taking the Classic Blend for several weeks now. Je has prostate cancer and is on hormone therapy. We asked for a second biopsy and found that the Gleason score that rates the agressiveness of the cell had dropped from 8 to 6. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”

Elizabeth A Poplarville Mississippi-USA
Monday, January 7, at 21:04:29

“Product Comments: LOVE YOUR TEA! Am drinking a cup as we speak. I bought a special tea maker that steeps the leaves for the 15 minutes called for and it is absolutely delicious (plus not to mention, HEALTHY!!) I will never stop drinking it so please dont stop making it! :-)”

Katie D.State College, PA
Wednesday, January 2, at 13:38:04

“Product Comments: I am a devoted Sir Jason Winter’s tea pusher. About three years ago I had continuous Kidney and Bladder infections. My friend Claire suggested I begin using the Sir Jason Winter’s Tea. It seemed the medications the doctor would give me wouldn’t quite clear up my condition, and I’d get an infection over and over again.I began using the tea and I haven’t had another infection in three years! Becoming a believer, I suggested to my brother use the tea to improve his immune system, as he has Hepatitis C. My brother began taking the tea and he could tell immediately that he had more strength. And, when he went back to the hospital for his regular check-up, his liver condition had improved. Thanks Sir Jason Winters!!”

Jessica MAgoura, California
Friday, November 2, at 12:02:41

“Product Comments: EXCELLENT TEA.”

Saturday, November 3, at 16:00:17

“Product Comments: I have been buying his clasic blend since the late 1970’s. It’s good for me & it tastes great! His tea & advice healed a family member who had cancer & was told to prepare to die. She is compleatly free of cancer & has been now for many years.I hope to win a container of his wonderful “Classic blend.” This is the first time i’ve bought “Online”, usually i have to make my way to my local health food store.This is much easier :)”

Thank’s !!!
Debra Larson

Debra LOakland, OR.
Friday, October 19, at 22:56:21

“Product Comments: The Classic Blend is a great product. Before I never drunk enough water, after I had the classic blend tea, I now drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of the blend tea everyday. It helped my internal cleansing.”

Tina TNorthridge, CA
Monday, October 8, at 22:07:32

“Product Comments: I feel better since I started drinking this tea,I cannot drink regular tea. It’s a wonderful product.”

Isabel MTampa, Florida
Friday, October 5, at 12:42:20

“Product Comments: The taste of this product is very nice”

Saturday, September 15, at 20:08:28

“Sure,I’m really love it. These are my twelveth cans within five months.”

Narongrith RatanasanguanvongsThailand
Monday, September 17, at 02:34:34

“Product Comments: I just recently received my JW Winters bulk tea and am pleasantly suprised by the great taste! As a recently diagnosed cancer patient just finishing up chemotherapy, I am looking forward to great results in drinking this tea as well as using other alternative methods in building up my immune system. Thank you! “

Dorothy O.Adrian, MI
September 5, at 07:43:04

“Product Comments: i love the herbal tea, and so far i have given away 2 tins to friends, i believe need it and i believe it will help them”

marge bclifton park, ny usa
Saturday, July 28, at 09:08:17

“Product Comments: I love this tea and drink about 6 to 8 cups per day following my doctor’s advice.”

katie o’connorpalatine, il
Thursday, July 26, at 11:56:18

“Product Comments: I have been feeling so good since I have been drinking tea, that now my mom, dad, and husband are also drinking it.It tastes great, and we know we are lowering our cholesterol and improving our health because of the tea. Thanks! “

Diane SBigfoot, Texas
Monday, July 16, at 17:13:40

“Product Comments: When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer I remembered a radio talk show about SJW and bought her some tea…she says she is feeling better and that the tea is helping and we are all praying that she will get better.”

Caroline H.Edson, Ab
Thursday, July 5, at 11:59:12

“Product Comments: In 1987, my mother was diagosed with lymphoma. She used the tea blend and within 3 months the cancer was gone. The doctors had only given her 3 months to live, with or without surgery. She opted for no surgery and used the tea and prayers instead. She is fine and still going strong today. I have now been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and have started the tea and the prayers.”

Diane SBigfoot, Texas
Monday, June 25, at 14:04:42

“Product Comments: Great Tea!! I could tell the difference in a few days.”

Linda C.Annapolis, MD
Monday, June 18, at 13:19:58

“Product Comments: THE MOST WONDERFUL TEA IS THE CLASSIC BLEND 5 OZ. TEA! IT HELPS IN MIGRAINE AND HAIR GROWTH!! MARVELLOUS IS THE WORD TO DESCRIBE IT! Having started on The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea since June 2000, I find this product marvellous! I no longer have migraine and my gastric ulcer! It also helps my hair growth! The most wonderful tea in the whole invention! Thank you Sir Jason for inventing this Tea! “

Monday, June 18, at 07:34:08

“Product Comments: I read about your classic Tea in Mathew Stien’s “When Technology Fails.” He has nothing but praise and I am looking forward to finding out for myself.Great site.”

Michael MSanta Cruz, CA
Wednesday, June 13, at 03:04:55

“Product Comments: very good , I bought it for my parents in Thailand and they love it. This is my 4 th dozon that I bought.”

Montri S7742 Colgate Ave Westminster,CA 92683
Monday, June 4, at 12:18:31

“Product Comments: We really can’t believe how long this concentrate lasts. It’s a great value as there is 2 of us drinking it and we love it!”

Terry WUniversity pl. Wa. 98467
Friday, June 1, at 18:49:03

“Product Comments: I just ordered my 300th box of the J.W. Tea since the end of December. I have seen many positive changes in those that I have introduced the tea to. From major ailments/disease to just feeling better with drinking a minimum of 3 cups of tea per day. My mother-in-law’s cancer count hasgone down from 2200 to 28 in 5 months of drinking the tea. I have tons of stories to share regarding the tea.”

Cathylee C.San Jacinto, CA
Sunday, April 29, at 22:36:43

“Product Comments: Hi, I’ve been using this tea for over 20 years and this product have been helped me a lot. I had a blader cancer 20 years ago but after I used this tea my cancer never reoccurred. I deeply appreciate your company. “

Youngsang KimSouth Korea
Monday, April 23, at 23:22:25

“Product Comments: Ive used for 20 years and others tell me I’m one of the healthiest people around”

Charles S.Colorado
Thursday, March 29, at 04:08:41

“Product Comments: the best blood cleanser”

Ruby Aphilippines
Wednesday, March 21, at 00:23:02

“Product Comments: I started using the tea four days ago and I have already been able to tell the difference. It is really great. Since starting the tea,I have reduced in intake of soda to just one per day instead of 3 or 4 . I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t drinking that much until after three days had passed. I was shocked. I don’t even think about it.”

Teresa L. Patton CA
Wednesday, March 7, at 08:47:10

“Product Comments: very good all my relative love it esp my parents and their friend”

Montri SinghakulWestminster , CA 92683
Wednesday, February 28, at 10:53:02

Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

“Product Comments: Very effective in controlling allergies.”

Sunil JainPlano
Sunday, February 18, at 11:05:29

“Product Comments: it makes me feel good”

aaron bspringfield mo
Monday, February 12, at 18:04:06

“Product Comments: If you are feeling the least bit stuffy all you have to do is drink one cup of this tea and you can feel it healing you witdh every breath you are able to take thru your nose where you couldn’t even begin to breathe before!!!

Site Comments: I love this site! I have been a user of JW products since 1987 when I first read about JW in Ruth Montgomery’s books. I used to have to keep up with my order sheets now I just click a button! I find the web site easy to use and well informed. Thank you!”

Sylvia M.Ballard, WV
Sunday, February 4, at 09:59:02

“Several months ago, I heard on the radio talking about your tea. I had to do some searching but finally found it in a local “Mom and Pop” store. My father has had a cancerous growth removed from his face and had Something very similar growing on the back of his hand. After drinking your tea for a few weeks the growth was visibly smaller and is now GONE!! I have been on a mission to educate anyone who will listen about your tea!! (I would almost be willing to bet that sales have increased in the upstate New York area!!) I wish everybody knew about it because I’m sure the tea has saved a lot of lives. I intend to drink it daily until I die at a very old age!! THANK YOU!!! Sharon Fringo.”

Sharon Fringo Friday - January 19, 12:44:41

“Product Comments: Your tea is great! My husband and I are not tea drinkers but your tea is so mild it is a pleasure to drink. We finally feel that we are doing something good for ourselves. Thank you!”

Lois B.Wellsville, NY
Saturday, December 30, at 17:16:31

“Product Comments: I am soo glad I found this product. Thank you “

christine sjim thorpe, pa
Thursday, December 28, at 19:06:05

“Product Comments: The tea really helped me a lot since I became a more energetic person everyday.”

Milagros D8 Libis Gochuico Caloocan City Philippines
Tuesday, December 26, at 21:33:53

“Product Comments: I’ve been using Jason Winters Tea for 15 years. What else is there to say.”

Emilio BAtlanta, GA
Wednesday, December 27, at 09:53:10

“Product Comments: I have enjoyed many of the Winters products and I drink the tea religiously.”

Sunday, December 17, at 20:43:18

“Product Comments: Great taste. Just read the Jason Winters story learned a lot I didn’t know. Am changing my eating habits.”

Charles HBethesda MD
Tuesday, November 14, at 07:11:08

“Product Comments: The J.W.T. works effectively for me and my Family. Im getting better and better everyday.”

Milagros DPhilippines
Friday, November 10, at 23:52:47

“Product Comments: Thank you for making this product available it comes highly recommended in two books on alternative cancer therapies. Newly diagnosed with breast cancer, I am grateful to you for providing this tea!”

Debra T.Fort Worth, TX
Sunday, November 19, at 02:57:32

“Product Comments: I got to know the classic blend about a year ago just before one of my sisters died because of cancer. I could not buy it for her because my mind was somewhere else. Since that time on, I always feel guilty of not being able to have bought it for her whenever I drink it. Anway, after since I started to use it, I notice that my skin became smoother and I stay in the bathroom very shortly, which is a great improvement for me becasue I used to stay there for over a half hour. This is
why I became a promoter of the product for the people around me. I surely believe that it is one thing I will keep using for the rest of my life. Thank you for your product.”

Jong Kyu JuSeoul, South Korea
Saturday, November 18, at 06:31:12

“Product Comments: I’ve been drinking the tea consistently for the past 3 years and haven’t been sick once.”

Mark H.Yorba Linda, CA
Friday, November 17, at 11:34:46

“Product Comments: I have had the book Killing Cancer and have searched health food stores in the Ottawa area to purchase Tribalene and Xian. I finally found 1 container of the tea with chaparral high on a top shelve and, despite it’s cost($35.99 CAD), I purchased the tea and used it before bed and again this morning before breakfast. I have tried many herbal teas before and usually find them distasteful but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this tea tastes quite pleasant! I have had a number of family members die of cancer recently and I will try any of the Jason Winters products that I can get my hands on so that I can share this info with my family (I guess I will be the guinea pig, so to speak!). Needless to say, I am quite anxious to get my hands on any products I can. Thank you, Jason, for all of your research
and help to humanity. (I would say that you deserve to be knighted, but you already are!)”

Wilma Marie R.Ottawa
Monday, November 20, at 09:25:09

“Product Comments: The Classic Blend tea is marvellous.It helps me to sleep well and it also helps in hair growth.Thanks a lot.”

Toh Poh LeeSingapore
Sunday, October 29, at 00:10:41

“Product Comments: Because I am a previous cancer patient and a Doctor of Chiropractic, I did extensive research on colon cleans and blood purification and I am convinced along with the proper diet this is the answer. I had a 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch tumor in my left lung and you know lung cancer has a very low rate of recovery.
Its one of the most difficult to treat. I have talked to other cancer patients and recommended they incorporate Jason Winters products. I have further information please let me know if you would like a two page report sent to you. There is no doubt that JASON WINTERS IS ON THE RIGHT TRACT.”

Dr. Alvin G. Mayhewauburn, washington
Friday, October 27, at 13:32:53

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Danelle M.Albuquerque, NM
Thursday, October 19, at 17:21:37

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Kathleen S.Chicago
Tuesday, October 17, at 07:16:51

“Product Comments: The large cancerous tumor under my jaw has egun to shrink as witnessed by my medical doctor two days ago. I have been drinking Sir Jason’s tea for about two months now. I’m happy and thankful for this great tea.”

Sandy L.Greensburg, Pa.
Friday, October 13, at 21:40:02

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Joe S.Raleigh NC
Wednesday, October 11, at 14:59:57

“Product Comments: I just started using Jason Winters products. I seen Jason Winters amazing story on T.V. I don’t remember what show I seen it on, but it wasn’t really about the products it was about him and his walk in. After being amazed about his life, I went to his web site. Being 27 years old I have put on about 100lbs
in the last year, and the doctor diagnosed me high blood pressure and IBS (Irriateble bowel syndrome). The first cup of tea really made me feel alot better. I hope I have long term benefits from his products. I enter the sweepstates for one reason. My Aunt was just diganosed with cancer. I read about the healing properties his products have for cancer. If I win I am giving the products to her as a present. I know she will be thrilled about it. Thank You.”

Jason BUnited States of America
Monday, October 2, at 13:06:12

“Product Comments: I have been using your tea a few years now, and thoroughly enjoying it. I have read about the anti-cancer properties it maintains, along with your triumphant story. I try to make sure that I am never without your it; cancer and heart disease do run in my family, therefore I use your tea as one of my healthy weapons. Thank you for sharing your victory and your products with all of us.”

Susan P.NH
September 22, at 09:48:23

“Product Comments: Since I started using it twice a day now for almost 3 months I have noticed the circulation in my fingers and toes (which has been poor due to Reyhnaud’s Syndrome) has gotten MUCH better, also, I had been taking Prilosec for several years for heartburn and let my prescription run out and was amazed that the instances of heartburn had been cut in half without the Prilosec! Thank you Sir Jason, I love the tea, whether I “need” it or not, have 2 cups a day every day!”

Nancy MSanta Rosa Beach, FL
Friday, September 8, at 09:27:20

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gunilla Plas vegas
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Saithong PRowland Heights, CA
Thursday, August 31, at 13:19:05

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Aida WValinda, CA
Sunday, August 6, at 15:41:31

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Brenda R.Aurora,Co.
August 4, at 20:47:22

“Product Comments: I was introduced by a cancer stricken friend on this product. After drinking it for 3 weeks, I feel that I don’t get tired easily. My wife who is a migraine sufferer tells me that she no longer suffers from migraine after drinking it too. My thumbs up to this fabulous & miracle tea.”

Thursday, July 27, at 09:51:07

“Product Comments: I have used your tea intermitently for about 5 years. Recently the eye doctors told me to get off all caffein. I did as I was told and found a delicious and much healthier alternative: Jason Winters Tea

Site Comments: I find your site very user friendly and effective; with none of the hype we get on other sites. Keep up the good work!”

Leo K.Boca Raton, Florida
Friday, July 14, at 14:51:58

“Product Comments: I heard Sir Jason Winters on the radio one day and have used his tea since. I feel great and even sent a box of tea bags to my son in NY because he was constantly fighting colds and flu. He has seen good results. I add a bit of pure local honey to my tea. I think this helps cut down on my alergies.”

Richard S.El Paso, TX
Tuesday, June 27, at 19:01:14

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Hak-lokHong Kong
Saturday, June 17, at 21:44:20

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Ellizabeth M.Combermere, Ont.
Wednesday, May 31, at 12:23:45

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Brenda R.Aurora,Co.
Wednesday, May 24, at 09:45:48

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Jennie D.Duncanville, TX
Monday, May 22, at 18:51:27

“Product Comments: Dear Raymond, I heard about your dad and his tea through Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph here in El Paso, Texas. I have been drinking your tea for 3 weeks just as a preventive measure and I’m very pleased with the results. I am here to tell you that my increased energy is certainly not a placebo effect. Best of luck, Dr. Ari Melchor”

Dr. Ari MelchorWednesday, May 17

“Product Comments: It helped my causin and my uncle. They got cancer and now they are fine.”

Visarut S.Oak Park , IL
Wednesday, May 17, at 06:41:40

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Darryl B.Tomball TX
Sunday, May 14, at 12:02:18

“Product Comments: We’ve enjoyed the tea over the years. Glad to find the website. I placed an order for the new Raspberry flavor and the 18 years later book today. I even chatted with a live person! This website is fabulous and will get a big bookmark for future shopping! Thanks!”

Norma LLaguna Niguel, CA
Friday, May 12, at 11:05:19

“Product Comments: I love the Classic Blend of JW tea. It tastes great. The first cup of it I drank I had a similar experience like Sir Jason Winters had when he blended all 3 herbs together: I immediately felt a tingling and sensation in my body at the site of previous surgery. I knew in my heart that the tea was helping me to heal. It really is a blessed blend of herbs for our modern world. Thanks for making it available.”

J. GrahamDelaware
Sunday, May 7, at 08:49:42

“Product Comments: Before I started drinking your tea I was having headaches, they’ve gotten alot better. I quit for awhile and symtoms returned. I’m going to stay with it this time. Thanks and I look forward to trying others. Cathy”

Cathy M.El Paso, TX.
Wednesday, May 3, at 14:15:23