Tea vs Coffee: A Healthier Option

Many people default to drinking coffee in the morning. Depending on the type of coffee you drink, there are some health benefits to drinking java to start your day. But would you be any healthier if you switched to tea in the morning instead?

The answer, it turns out, is yes. Tea provides plenty health benefits that coffee can’t, and you can radically change your daily health by switching to tea. While you may not be willing to abandon coffee entirely, you can still enjoy the health benefits of tea by adding a cup to your daily routine.

Weight Loss

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that coffee can help with weight loss, but the effects are minimal. The caffeine in coffee helps gives your metabolism a boost throughout the day, but your body will gradually grow accustomed to it. This means that any weight loss caused by coffee is temporary.

Weight loss caused by drinking coffee also depends on the type of coffee you drink. Black coffee is by far the healthiest, but adding cream, sugar or flavors from their will only make your morning drink less healthy – and potentially unhealthy.

Green tea is a perfect replacement for coffee if you’re looking to lose some extra weight, as the flavonoids in the tea help improve your metabolism. Also, there are no additional calories in tea, unlike any spruced-up coffee drink you may have in the morning.

Better For Your Smile

Coffee’s effects on your smile and dental health are clear. Teeth are easily stained by coffee, leaving a physical mark in your mouth. But the acidity of coffee can also lead to enamel erosion, meaning consistently drinking coffee will eventually deteriorate the strength of your teeth.

Tea is the exact opposite of coffee when it comes to dental health. Not only do you avoid stained teeth and enamel erosion, but drinking green tea every day can help prevent gum disease. Some research suggests that tea is also more likely to reduce your chances of oral cancer – and all forms of cancer in general.

Tea Drinkers Don’t Get Sick

Ok, tea drinkers do get sick – but their tea drinking habit is beneficial to their health. Those who drink tea regularly are less likely to get sick than non-drinkers since tea can bolster your immune system. The healing properties of tea are well known, a likely reason why people opt for tea instead of coffee when they’re feeling ill.

Coffee, on the other hand, might have negative effects on your immune system. Studies have been split down the middle when it comes to coffee being good or bad for the immune system. Either way, tea is proven to be better for physical health.

Reducing Stress

Tea is proven to be better at reducing stress than coffee. Some of the physical reasons are cut and dry – tea is full of antioxidants, and there’s nothing in tea that could go on to hurt your body. Interestingly, there are other mental benefits to drinking tea that aren’t related to its chemical composition.

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