Ring in the Holidays with Gifts from Sir Jason Winters

 We’ve reached the time of the year that everyone refers to as the “gift-giving season.” What could be better than giving friends and loved ones the gift of good health? Here at Sir Jason Winters International, we’re sure that we’ve got the perfect gift to match nearly everyone on your holiday gift list!

Picking the Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Tea Lover

Having a hot drink to warm up with during the cold months of winter is something almost everyone enjoys. For thousands of years, tea has endured as one of the best, most healthful ways to help warm the heart and the body. Here are some suggestions for using tea in gifting.

  • When giving the gift of tea, try to determine whether the recipient prefers loose tea or the convenience of tea bags. If you are unsure, why not give them loose tea along with a package of empty tea bags like our T-Sacs for them to fill as they wish?
  • Along with any boxes or canisters of tea you select, consider adding a combination of tea accessories like an antique teacup and saucer or a tea mug with an inspirational slogan. For serious tea commissures, you can hardly go wrong with a tea infuser, tea strainer, a lemon squeezer, and a couple of tea towels tucked around a jar of local raw honey. 
  • If they have all of those things already, maybe a brand new French press or a unique teapot in a gift box or basket will be just the perfect thing that will make them think of you each time they sit down to enjoy a cup of tea!

Our Teas

Sir Jason Winters first formulated our loose leaf, five-ounce Classic Blend Tea, over 40 years ago in 1977. This tea is available in either Sir Jason Winters Classic Blend with Sage or Sir Jason Winters Classic Blend with Chaparral. As with any loose tea, it is prepared using a tea infuser or T-sac for steeping the tea to the desired strength. Both teas are caffeine free and contain Red Clover, Gotu Kola, and our Herbalene ® blend of Special Spice along with either Sage or Chaparral.

For those who prefer the convenience of pre-bagged tea, we also offer our Sir Jason Winters Original Tea with Sage or Chaparral with Oolong tea added. Each comes in a box of 20-pre-packaged tea bags.  

If your favorite tea drinker loves the taste of flavored teas, we’ve got something they are sure to love. Sir Jason Winters Raspberry Pre-Brewed Tea, available in either a 4-ounce canister or our Raspberry Flavored tea in a box of 30 convenient tea bags.

For those who love the taste of summer that only a peach-flavored tea can offer, we are proud to offer our Sir Jason Winters Peach Flavored Tea Bags in a 30 count box. 

Don’t worry; we haven’t left green tea lovers on your list out of the picture. Sir Jason Winters Prebrewed Green Herbal Tea or GHT contains our proprietary blend of Red Clover, Indian Sage Leaf, Green Tea Leaves, and Herbalene. It’s available in either a 4-ounce canister or in a box of 30 tea bags.

Still can’t decide which of our teas is the best choice? Not a problem! We have our 4 Tea Variety Pack that lets you choose up to four different boxes – that’s 120 tea bags – of Sir Jason Winters teas for the ultimate in tea-drinking choice! 

We have also made our 100 and 120 tea bag selections available in a luxurious Special Edition Tea Chest for those with the most discerning of tastes. However, because we are so close to the holidays, be sure to check the availability for this item.

Supplements They’ll Use Throughout the Year

Good health begins with the foods we eat. However, during cold and flu season and because of the fast pace of our daily lives, sometimes it isn’t easy to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need. 

Almost everyone has someone on their gift list, which has become more health-conscious today than ever. Sir Jason Winters International offers a complete line of the highest quality supplements available. We have blends for maintaining heart health, boosting their overall immunity during cold and flu season, as well as daily multivitamin regimes, 

Earlier this year, we added our Sir Jason Winters Gummy Vitamins for adults and kids. To further help our customers boost their immune systems, we are also proud to introduce Sir Jason Winters Elderberry Gummy Vites. Just two gummies a day contain 100 mg of black elderberry along with Vitamin C and Zinc citrate to help boost the body’s immune system. 

Extended Holiday Savings

At the beginning of the holiday season, during the month of November, we offered our customers over 30% off of our 5-ounce canisters of Sir Jason Winters Sage and Chaparral Tea. Because of popular demand, we have extended that offer through December. 

Each canister is regularly priced at $29.95 – but for the holidays they are on sale for just $19.95! The best part of this offer is that there’s no coupon required and there are no quantity limits. That means you can give the gift of tea to every tea lover on your list. At such deep savings, however, we can only extend this offer until December 31, 2021.

If you are looking to save even more holiday savings, all of our teas and supplements are available via our subscription service. Choose either a monthly or biweekly delivery and save an additional 5% each month!

Still Not Sure What To Give?

With so many healthful choices, deciding on what to get for those who are hard to buy for can be a challenge. We are happy to offer our Sir Jason Winters eGift cards to our customers who might face such a gift-giving dilemma. 

Simply fill out an email address for each recipient, along with any message you choose. Our eGift Cards are available for whatever date or in any denomination that you choose. 

We hope that this list has given you some ideas for gift-giving this season. On behalf of all of us here at Sir Jason Winters, may you and yours come to know the joy of the season.

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