Are Prebrewed Tea Blends Good For You?

As tea continues to grow in popularity around the world, people are finding new ways to include the drink in their everyday lives. While many tea drinkers brew their favorite blend at home, there are some that buy the bottled version, pre brewed and instantly ready to drink.

But at the end of the day, you’re getting the same nutrients from both drinks. Right?

Depending on what you’re drinking and what you want to get out of your tea, you might want to make sure you brew it at home – particularly if you’re looking to get the health benefits of green tea.

According to studies, bottled teas tend to have lower level of antioxidants than an equivalent amount of home brewed tea – even if the bottle claims that it is an excellent source of antioxidants.

That isn’t the only difference you can find between the two.

Comparing Bottled vs. Home Brewed Tea

Bottled teas are good for a few reasons. Mainly, people might want to buy a bottled tea because it’s easy and ready to drink. Others find that the flavor is better than home brewed tea.

It turns out that the flavor coming from bottled teas could be due to larger amounts of sugar. Not all bottled teas are high in sugar, but it is not uncommon for bottled teas to have higher levels of sugar than home brewed tea.

The biggest difference between the two types of teas, however, is the presence of polyphenols.

Polyphenols are nutrients that are packed full of antioxidants. They’re also incredibly common in green teas, giving the drink the huge levels of antioxidants in every cup.
But polyphenols are fragile, and the longer they’re steeped, the more likely they are to break apart and vanish. Because bottled teas are brewed long before they’re served, many polyphenols can die during the process.

Also, bottled teas are being sold on a per-unit profit, so companies aren’t afraid to cut corners where they can. One way they do this is by using less tea and more water than someone would traditionally use when preparing tea.

As a result, there is a fraction of polyphenols in bottled tea compared to home brewed tea.

Home Brewed Tea Is Proven To Be Healthier
Bottled teas may not to be as healthy for you as home brewed teas. Aside from the additional sugar found in some blends, bottled tea isn’t bad for you – it just May not have as many benefits as a traditional cup of tea will.

Of course, this is all research that has been done assuming plenty of factors – for example, the type of teas used, the bottled teas, how much water to tea in home brewed tea, and more. These studies also don’t take into account the additional benefits you can get by drinking herbal blends, much like the blends that Sir Jason Winters creates.

If you do prefer bottled tea to home brewed tea, keep in mind, you could be getting many more benefits if you prepare your brew at home. Shop Now.

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