New Book Discusses Sir Jason Winters’ Search For Health


Many users of Sir Jason Winters’ teas and supplements gain inspiration from his life story and his quest for health. Both he and his son have written books about this quest, but now another author will be releasing a book that talks about our founder.

The book is called “Transformational Healing and Killing Cancer” by George Schwimmer, Ph.D. Dr. Schwimmer is the author of 22 other books and a specialist in shamanic healing techniques, Reiki healing, and past-life therapy. He’s also been a guest on shows like Coast to Coast AM, The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, Earth Ancients, Sixth Sense Society, The Lone Gunman (Episode 117), The Howard Hughes Unexplained Show in the U.K., and Conspiracy Unlimited in Canada.


In his new book, Dr. Schwimmer devotes an entire chapter to the story of Sir Jason Winters, his hunt for the perfect herbal combination, and why the tea he created is so beneficial. He also discusses the history and use of other shamanic techniques, including Reiki and spirit removal, for health. As the title suggests, cancer is a particular focus in this book.

The book will be released in both Kindle and paperback on November 6, 2020. You can preorder the book at this Amazon link. Be sure to check out his author page to learn about his other books.

We want to thank Dr. Schwimmer for his investigation of our founder’s life, his tea, and the healing benefits of herbal medicine. If you haven’t yet read about Sir Jason Winters’ quest for the best herbal combinations on earth, we encourage you to browse our own books for sale at this link. If you have, go check out Dr. Schwimmer’s book and leave him a review on Amazon! 






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