Looking Closer at Jason Winters Green Herbal Tea

One of the fantastic things about green tea is that it pairs well with dozens of other spices, herbs and flavors. The base flavor of green tea is delicious, but different blends can create new and wonderful flavor profiles.

On top of that, everything you add to green tea is going to change the chemical makeup of the drink. This can mean making a drink widely recognized for its potential health benefits, even better!

By understanding the importance of mixing flavors with benefits, you can create an incredible blend. That’s exactly what we’ve aimed to do with our Green Herbal Tea (GHT) bags, an effective blend of green tea with other special components developed by none other than Sir Jason Winters.

How is Sir Jason Winters GHT different from normal green tea?

Our GHT base is 100% green tea and it is one of the finest green teas available. You’re probably familiar with the flavor of green tea, and you might also know that it’s full of antioxidants. Some resources say it’s proven to improve your blood flow and help regulate your cholesterol. It’s known that green tea has many other potential benefits, but by adding other ingredients in our proprietary Jason Winters Formula, we’ve made GHT a super-charged green tea blend!

GHT ingredients

Aside from green tea leaves, our three main ingredients in GHT are Red clover, Indian sage and our special Herbalene blend.

Red clover has an incredible floral flavor. Traditionally, red clover has been used to help with the respiratory system and arthritis. Some information available even states it helps with heart disease, Menopause, Osteoporosis and Cancer. In our GHT, red clover adds a nice flavor while also providing many wonderful qualities that compliment green tea.

Indian sage isn’t far off from other type of sage that you’ve tried. It adds a wonderful flavor to our tea blend, as well as a nice aroma. Sage may offer tons of benefits, many of which work in conjunction with the benefits already found in green tea, and much like green tea, sage is full of antioxidants.

Herbalene is our special blend of herbs and spices that makes Sir Jason Winters GHT unique. These ingredients have long been used for normalizing the body’s functions.

Combined, all of these ingredients make up our Green Herbal Tea. There is no other blend like it on the planet, which is why it is one of the most popular tea blends we offer. It’s available to you in convenient tea bags, pre-measured to make the perfect brew! We invite you to try GHT today.

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