Kotodama – A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts and Quotes


A Message from the Author:

I dedicate my writings to love… to life… and the pursuit of happiness – joy and struggles, triumphs, even tragedies that go along the with this brilliant journey.

“If your heart is troubled, I hope for tranquility in your life… if your struggles are hard to bare… I pray for patience. And if you’re in the middle of it.. don’t lose your way…

There is always light at the end of the tunnel Your life is going to be epic.”

Written by Sir Raymond Winters

My philosophy is quite simple… First, I will do no harm to anyone, and I hope no one does harm to me.
I think we need kindness, forgiveness and joy in our lives.

Kindness should never be confused for weakness.
Kindness – love – compassion – understanding – affirmation; these are the best qualities in humans. We all are capable of being kind and showing kindness in our lives. Just try it.

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