Hello friends and Happy New Year! A Message From Sir Raymond Winters

As co-founder and president of Jason Winters International, I want to personally thank you for your continued support during these trying times.

I want to assure you that our offices and manufacturing plants are open and we continue to provide the exact same JWT formulas my father, Sir Jason Winters, formulated over 4 decades ago.

Our supply lines are intact and we have ample supply of the key ingredients that make up the JWT formulas.

I realize that times are hard and stressful. Everywhere you look, it seems like bad news day after day. So much information and misinformation, it’s hard to get a clear picture. However, this will pass and we will get through this.

It’s up to us all as individuals to look after ourselves. It always has been. Eat right. Drink JWT every day. Think positive and avoid negative people.

Remember that you are your best advocate!

Mostly, realize that you are special and unique in the universe. You are good enough and your life is worthwhile and meaningful.

Happy 2022!

Sir Raymond Winters
President, Tri-Sun International

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