May Flight Viruses

Dr. Okada has noted that tobacco growers use an exudate of green tea to prevent crop damage by the tobacco mosaic virus, and verified that green tea catechin suppresses the growth of this virus. In addition, Prof. Shimamura has determined that green tea catechin and theaflavin (an oxidized from of catechin) present in black tea, have a strong effect on the influenza virus. It is also thought that the anti viral capability of green tea catechin may have some beneficial effect on the AIDS virus, which is now the world’s most feared infectious disease. Dr. Nakane and Dr. Ono at Aichi Cancer Institute have suggested the green tea catechin can inhibit the activity of the AIDS virus in laboratory tests, although this research is just in its nascent stage. Dr. Okada, Chagyo Kenkyu Hokoku, (1978). Prof. T. Shimamura et al., Lett. APPI. Microbial., (1990). Dr. H. Nakane and Dr. K. Ono, Biochemistry, (1990).