May Help Prevent Cancer

The death rate from cancer is significantly lower for both women & men in Japan. In the Shizuoka region which accounts for 87% of Japanese green tea production, where green tea is the main beverage, people consume as much as 5-6 cups daily. This suggests that the main ingredients of green tea tannin, catechin, in sufficient amounts lowers the Standardized Mortality Rate for stomach cancer. The National Cancer Institute in Tokyo has demonstrated that catechin lowers the incidence of cancer. The research of Prof. Shu-Jun Cheng (Cancer Institute in Beijing), demonstrates that administration of green tea extract reduced the incidence of cancer to less than 50%. We do not yet fully understand the mechanism underlying the generation of cancer. But in the “two-stage theory of cancer development”, activates cancer, it is argued that an “initiator” first damages DNA in the cell rendering it subject to cancer, until a “promoter” activates cancer, leading to the actual growth of malignancy. Frequent drinking of strong green tea may reduce both “initiator” and “promoter”.

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