Combat the Flu This Winter with Green Tea

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the winter, such as spending the holidays with family or watching the weather change.

But one inevitable illness that comes every winter is the flu.

The flu is a much bigger deal than some people think. Up to 1/5 of the US population will get the flu any given year – something that everyone would like to avoid.

While getting a flu shot is the smartest way to fight off the flu, there’s always a chance that flu shots won’t protect you from the strain of flu you’ve been exposed to.

When this happens, it’s always smart to try other methods to try and prevent yourself from getting the flu – or fighting it if you’ve contracted it. One method people use is green tea.

Why green tea?
Many people already know that green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants do a lot of small things for your body, including helping fight the flu. No, one cup of green tea isn’t going to heal your sickness, but it’s an excellent start.

One thing many people find with green tea is that it calms the symptoms that come with the flu. The heat from tea – and some of the natural compounds found in tea – can help soothe sore throats, making your symptoms far less painful.

The benefits of green tea can change significantly if you have an herbal blend. Green tea is healthy, but herbal blends can help in different ways.

For example, it’s well known that ginger is soothing for the stomach. If the flu is affecting the stomach, then a blend with ginger can help ease the pain and relax the stomach.

The same can be said for any herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. Any throat pain or joint pain can be soothed with the right herbs.

It’s important for anyone with the flu to moderate how much green tea they drink. Green tea does contain caffeine, and too much caffeine can be a bad thing.

Herbal teas, on the other hand, don’t contain caffeine. While a little caffeine is ok, it’s safe to use an herbal blend if you plan on drinking more than a cup or two a day.

It’s also worth noting that herbal blends, like green tea, won’t single-handedly cure your flu or keep the bug away. You should use teas as a supplement for your health!

Ways to intake green tea
When you have the flu, hot green tea is probably the best and most soothing way to get the benefits. However, there are always supplements available, each with their own benefits.

By picking the right tea or supplement, you can focus on getting the herbs that are best for your situation. Not all flus are the same, so there’s bound to be a blend that helps you feel the best. It’s worth taking time to research different herbs and their benefits before choosing a supplement.

Of course, green tea’s use for the flu can go beyond the herbs and chemicals. Sometimes a sip of a hot drink is all you need to start feeling better.


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