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An Interview with
Sir Jason Winters

Watch Sir Jason Winters talk about his true miraculous healing herbs with Christopher Hartman on “The Different View”.

An Interview with
Raymond Winters

Watch Raymond Winters talk about his father’s remarkable life of adventure, discovery and healing.

Jason Winters Lecture

Watch Jason Winters lecture on natural healing, Sydney, Australia 2002

Sir Jason Winters Across the Atlantic

Watch Jason Winters across the Atlantic

What If

Watch the video introduction for the book “What If”. A reflection of Sir Jason Winter’s life.

Sir Raymond Winters

Watch Raymond Winters as the Owner and President of Jason Winters International Inc. and sirjasonwinters.com

Sir Raymond Winters Brazilian Jui- Jitsu

Watch Raymond Winters Jiu-Jitsu highlights from Sergio Penha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Jason Winters Audio

Choose a selection below to listen to various radio interviews by Sir Jason Winters.