6 Must-Have Accessories for Green Tea Drinkers

People who appreciate green tea appreciate it for more than just the flavor. The process of making and drinking tea is almost like a ritual – everyone has their own preferred way to brew!

But making tea is much more than just heating up water and steeping a tea bag. The more research goes into tea brewing, the more we learn about how to improve our blend – and add a little bit of presentation at the same time.

Here are some must-have accessories for any green tea drinker.

Tea Ball

The classic tea ball usually comes in one of two styles: a mesh style or one with small holes that allow some of the blend to slip into the brew.

Tea drinkers who are still using tea bags will definitely want to try these out. Loose leaf tea is more affordable as you are not paying for tea to be packaged into tea bags. Also, you’re able to measure out exactly how much tea you want to add to the brew, strengthening or weakening your favorite blends.

Tea balls are also great for people who want to experiment and add extra herbs and flavors while steeping.


A teapot isn’t going to change the flavor of your tea, but it will make your tea presentation look much nicer. This is good to have, especially if you’re expecting guests who may want some tea as well.

A teapot is also good for making more than one cup of tea (for tea drinkers who like more than one cup at a time). They’re designed to keep the tea warm for a longer period of time as well, and you can always continue to steep while it’s in the pot!

Electric Kettle

A lot of people still use kettles that sit on the stove and make a loud whistle noise when the water is hot. These are timeless, but there’s a better way to heat up your water.

Electric kettles are great because they quickly heat up water – and many kettles even heat the water to a specific temperature. Considering most green tea shouldn’t be brewed above 175 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a useful tool for making the best cup of tea possible.

Fancy Honey

When we say “fancy,” we mean something a little nicer than the generic brand you get at the grocery store.

If you want to make the healthiest cup of tea, you should be avoiding cream and sugar. But honey has health benefits, and when you buy local, organic or craft honey, you end up getting a purer product. The purer the honey, the better the tea will taste! Try raw honey as well, you may love it!

Tea Press

While some people prefer to steep tea bags in hot water, others have found another great way to bring out the flavor of green tea.

Tea presses are a lot like a French press for coffee, but they’re specifically designed with tea in mind. These are great for when you’re making more than one cup of tea – plus you’re able to measure exactly how much blend you want to have.

Most tea presses are stylish as well, making your tea just as presentable as it is delicious.

Teapot Warmer

One of the cleverer devices to come out for green tea drinkers. While teapots hold heat well, they certainly don’t hold heat forever. When you make a bigger pot of tea, odds are that it cools down before you can pour it all.

Teapot warmers are small plates or pads that you place a teapot on to keep the tea warm. These don’t heat up teapots too much, though, since going too hot is going to ruin your blend!


These are just some of the wonderful and useful items available to tea enthusiasts to help you brew the perfect cup of tea and we offer many of these in our shop as well!

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